Security Capabilities with Custom Bindings


You can perform most common security tasks by using one of the system-provided bindings. If you need more control, however, you can create a custom binding with a SecurityBindingElement, as explained in these topics. For more information about custom bindings, see Custom Bindings.

In This Section

SecurityBindingElement Authentication Modes

Describes the authentication modes that are possible with a custom binding.

How to: Create a Custom Binding Using the SecurityBindingElement

Describes the basic steps for creating a custom binding with a security element.

How to: Create a SecurityBindingElement for a Specified Authentication Mode

Describes how to create a security element for a specified authentication mode.

How to: Disable Secure Sessions on a WSFederationHttpBinding

Describes how to disable secure sessions when creating a federation service.

How to: Enable Message Replay Detection

Describes how to determine when a replay attack occurs.

How to: Create a Supporting Credential

Describes how to supply a supporting credential to a service, if the service requires it.

How to: Set Up a Signature Confirmation

Describes the steps to confirm signatures when digitally signing messages.

How to: Set a Max Clock Skew

Describes how to set the maximum allowed time difference between a service and a client.

How to: Disable Encryption of Digital Signatures

Describes how disabling encryption of digital signatures can have a performance benefit.