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Workflow Performance Counters

All Windows Workflow Foundation performance counters are multi-instance. The instance name that is used corresponds to the name property that is given to the WorkflowRuntime through configuration. This enables you to aggregate results across multiple instances of the runtime engine by using the same name for all instances, or to get results for each instance individually by assigning a unique name to each instance. There is always an instance called _global_ that aggregates the results across all instances of the runtime.The following table provides descriptions of the workflow performance counters.

Performance Counter Description

Workflows Aborted (count)

Incremented whenever a workflow is aborted via the Abort method.

Workflows Aborted/sec (rate)

Number of workflows aborted per second.

Workflows Completed (count)

Incremented whenever a workflow is completed.

Workflows Completed/sec (rate)

Number of workflows completed per second.

Workflows Created (count)

Incremented whenever a workflow is created.

Workflows Created/sec (rate)

Number of workflows created per second.

Workflows Executing (count)

Number of workflows currently executing. An executing workflow is one that is currently processing activities.

Workflows In Memory (count)

Number of workflows currently in memory. A workflow is in memory when it has been created or loaded and it has not completed, terminated, or been unloaded.

Workflows Loaded (count)

Incremented whenever a workflow is loaded.

Workflows Loaded/sec (rate)

Number of workflows loaded per second.

Workflows Pending (count)

Number of workflows that are currently pending.

Workflows Persisted (count)

Incremented whenever a workflow is persisted.

Workflows Persisted/sec (rate)

Number of workflows persisted per second.

Workflows Runnable (count)

Number of workflows that are currently runnable. A runnable workflow is one that has received the event that it was waiting for but has not yet started processing that event.

Workflows Suspended (count)

Incremented whenever a workflow is suspended.

Workflows Suspended/sec (rate)

Number of workflows suspended per second.

Workflows Terminated (count)

Incremented whenever a workflow is terminated.

Workflows Terminated/sec (rate)

Number of workflows terminated per second.

Workflows Unloaded (count)

Incremented whenever a workflow is unloaded.

Workflows Unloaded/sec (rate)

Number of workflows unloaded per second.

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