How to: Use MetadataResolver to Obtain Binding Metadata Dynamically

This topic shows you how to use the MetadataResolver class to dynamically obtain binding metadata.

To dynamically obtain binding metadata

  1. Create an EndpointAddress object with the address of the metadata endpoint.

    EndpointAddress metaAddress
      = new EndpointAddress(new   Uri("http://localhost:8080/SampleService/mex"));
  2. Call Resolve, which passes in the service type and the metadata endpoint address. This returns a collection of endpoints that implement the specified contract. Only binding information is imported from the metadata; contract information is not imported. The supplied contract is used instead.

    ServiceEndpointCollection endpoints = MetadataResolver.Resolve(typeof(SampleServiceClient),metaAddress);
  3. You can then iterate through the collection of service endpoints to extract the binding information you need. The following code iterates through the endpoints, creates a service client object that passes in the binding and address associated with the current endpoint, and then calls a method on the service.

    foreach (ServiceEndpoint point in endpoints)
       if (point != null)
          // Create a new wcfClient using retrieved endpoints.
          using (wcfClient = new SampleServiceClient(point.Binding, point.Address))
               wcfClient.SampleMethod("Client used the "
               + point.Address.ToString() + " address."));

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