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IRawElementProviderFragment Interface

Exposes methods and properties on user interface (UI) elements that are part of a structure more than one level deep, such as a list box or list item. Implemented by UI Automation providers.

IRawElementProviderFragment Members

BoundingRectangle Gets the bounding rectangle of this element.
FragmentRoot Gets the root node of the fragment.
GetEmbeddedFragmentRoots Retrieves an array of root fragments that are embedded in the Microsoft UI Automation tree rooted at the current element.
GetRuntimeId Retrieves the runtime identifier of an element.
Navigate Retrieves the UI Automation element in a specified direction within the UI Automation tree.
SetFocus Sets the focus to this element.


The root node of the fragment must also support the IRawElementProviderFragmentRoot interface.

Interface Information

Inherits from IUnknown
Header and IDL files uiautomation.h, uiautomationcore.idl
Minimum operating systems Windows XP

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