IRawElementProviderSimple Interface

Defines methods and properties that expose simple user interface (UI) elements.

IRawElementProviderSimple Members

GetPatternProvider Retrieves a pointer to an object that provides support for a control pattern on a Microsoft UI Automation element.
GetPropertyValue Retrieves the value of a property supported by the UI Automation provider.
HostRawElementProvider Gets a base provider for this element.
ProviderOptions Gets a value that specifies the type of UI Automation provider; for example, whether it is a client-side or server-side provider.


This interface can be implemented on:

  • UI Automation providers for simple UI elements, such as buttons.
  • Providers that add or override properties or control patterns on a UI element that already has a provider.

Providers for complex elements must also implement IRawElementProviderFragment and, if they are root elements, IRawElementProviderFragmentRoot.

Interface Information

Inherits from IUnknown
Header and IDL files uiautomation.h, uiautomationcore.idl
Minimum operating systems Windows XP

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