SpWaveFormatEx Interface (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


The SpWaveFormatEx automation object represents the format of waveform-audio data.

The SpWaveFormatEx object gets and sets the audio format property of the SpAudioFormat object. Please see a code example in the SpAudioFormat GetWaveFormatEx section.

Automation Interface Elements

The SpWaveFormatEx automation object has the following elements:

AvgBytesPerSec PropertyGets and sets the required average data-transfer rate for the format tag in bytes per second.
BitsPerSample PropertyGets and sets the bits per sample for the FormatTag format type.
BlockAlign PropertyGets and sets the block alignment in bytes.
Channels PropertyGets and sets the number of channels in the waveform-audio data.
ExtraData PropertyGets and sets extra format information.
FormatTag PropertyGets and sets the waveform-audio format type.
SamplesPerSec PropertyGets and sets the sample rate at which each channel should be played or recorded.