Property group: Rowset


Column? N

Type: VT_I4

Typical R/W: R/W

Description: Bookmark Type

Indicates the bookmark type supported by the rowset. One of the following:

  • DBPROPVAL_BMK_NUMERIC ? The bookmark type is numeric. Numeric bookmarks are based on a row property that is not dependent on the values of the row's columns. For example, they can be based on the absolute position of the row within a rowset or on a row ID that the storage engine assigned to a tuple at its creation. The validity of numeric bookmarks is not changed by modifying the row's columns.

  • DBPROPVAL_BMK_KEY ? The bookmark type is key. Key bookmarks are based on the values of one or more of the row's columns; these values form a unique key for each row. A key bookmark may be left dangling if the key values of the corresponding row are changed.

For more information, see Bookmark Types.