SpObjectToken SetId Method (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Object: SpObjectToken
Type: Hidden

SetId Method

The SetId method associates a new object token with a resource by setting its ID property.

The ID of an SpObjectToken object is the path to its folder within the Speech configuration database.

The Id property of an SpObjectToken can be set once. Subsequent SetId calls will return the error message, SPERR_ALREADY_INITIALIZED. Attempting to use an SpObjectToken object before setting its Id property will return SPERR_UNINITIALIZED.

     Id As String,
     [CategoryID As String],
     [CreateIfNotExist As Boolean = False]


The ID of the token.
[Optional] The category ID of the token. By default the value is the empty string value of "".
[Optional] Specifies creating the token. If True, the folder is created if one does not already exist. By default the value is False, and no folder is created.

Return Value



Use of the RemoveStorageFileName method is demonstrated in the code example for the GetStorageFileName method.