Property group: Data Source Information


Type: VT_I4

Typical R/W: R

Description: Open Rowset Support

A bitmask describing support for opening objects through IOpenRowset.

  • DBPROPVAL_ORS_TABLE ? The provider supports opening tables through IOpenRowset (true for all providers).

  • DBPROPVAL_ORS_INDEX ? The provider supports specifying an index through IOpenRowset.

  • DBPROPVAL_ORS_INTEGRATEDINDEX ? The provider supports specifying both a table and an index in the same call to IOpenRowset::OpenRowset in order to open the rowset using the specified index.

  • DBPROPVAL_ORS_STOREDPROC ? The provider supports opening a rowset over stored procedures by specifying the stored procedure name in TableID. For more information about TableID, see Rowset Creation Example.

  • DBPROPVAL_ORS_HISTOGRAM ? The provider supports opening a histogram rowset through the IOpenRowset::OpenRowset method. Providers supporting histograms should set this bit, as well as DBPROPVAL_TS_HISTOGRAM, in the DBPROP_TABLESTATISTICS property.