SpMMAudioOut Interface (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


The SpMMAudioOut automation object supports audio implementation for the standard Windows wave-out multimedia layer.

Automation Interfaces

The SpMMAudioOut automation object has the following elements:

BufferInfo PropertyReturns the audio buffer information as an ISpeechAudioBufferInfo object.
BufferNotifySize PropertyGets and sets the audio stream buffer size information.
DefaultFormat PropertyReturns the default audio format as an SpAudioFormat object.
DeviceId PropertyGets and sets the multimedia device ID being used by the audio object.
EventHandle PropertyReturns a Win32 event handle that applications can use to wait for status changes in the I/O stream.
Format PropertyGets and sets the cached wave format of the stream as an SpAudioFormat object.
LineId PropertyGets and sets the current line identifier associated with the multimedia device.
MMHandle PropertyReturns the handle of the multimedia audio device stream.
Status PropertyReturns the audio status as an ISpeechAudioStatus object.
Volume PropertyGets and sets the volume level.
Read MethodReads data from the audio stream.
Seek MethodReturns the current read position of the audio stream in bytes.
SetState MethodSets the audio state with a SpeechAudioState constant.
Write MethodWrites data to the audio stream.