SpLexicon GetPronunciations Method (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Object: SpLexicon

GetPronunciations Method

The GetPronunciations method gets the pronunciations and parts of speech for a word from the user and application lexicons.

An ISpeechLexiconPronunciation object contains a word's pronunciations, part of speech and phone ids. Because a word may have more than one pronunciation and more than one part of speech, the GetPronunciations method returns a collection of these objects.

     bstrWord As String,
     [LangId As Long = 0],
     [TypeFlags As SpeechLexiconType = SLTUser | SLTApp]
) As ISpeechLexiconPronunciations


The target lexicon word.
[Optional] The language Id. By default the value is zero which indicates the system LangId is used.
[Optional] TypeFlags.

Return Value

An ISpeechLexiconPronunciations object, which is a collection of one or more ISpeechLexiconPronunciation objects.