ISpeechRecoResultDispatch Alternates Method (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Interface: ISpeechRecoResultDispatch

Alternates Method

The Alternates method returns a list of alternate words.

Many recognitions, successful or not, frequently return several words or phrases that closely match the spoken sequence. The one most nearly matching the sequence with a high confidence level is returned as a successful recognition. The other words and phrases are returned as alternates that are available for examination.

    RequestCount As Long,	
   [StartElement As Long = 0],
   [Elements As Long = -1]
) As ISpeechPhraseAlternates


Specifies the maximum number of alternates to retrieve, which must be greater than zero. Any number of alternates may be chosen and will be returned in descending order of confidence. That is, the first alternate returned has the highest confidence and will most likely be the word or phrase chosen by the successful recognition. The second alternate returned will be the next most likely choice, and the last alternate returned the least likely match.
[Optional] Specifies which element to use as a starting point. If omitted, zero is used and indicates the first alternate as the starting point. Because it is zero based, the second element would be one.
[Optional] Specifies the number of elements to retrieve. Default is -1 (that is, SPPR_ALL_ELEMENTS), which specifies all alternate elements are retrieved.

Return Value

The Alternates method returns a ISpeechPhraseAlternates object, which is a collection of ISpeechPhraseAlternate objects.