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SpeechRecoContext RetainedAudio Property (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Interface: ISpeechRecoContext

RetainedAudio Property

The RetainedAudio property gets and sets the audio retention status of the recognition context.

By default, a recognition context does not retain audio and is initially set to SRAONone. Calls attempting to access non-existent audio result in an SPERR_NO_AUDIO_DATA error. The calls ISpeechRecoResult.Audio and ISpeechRecoResult.SpeakAudio result in this error. The error can also occur when setting an SpAudioFormat instance.

To retain the audio, set this property to SRAORetainAudio.


Set: SpeechRecoContext.RetainedAudio = SpeechRetainedAudioOptions
Get: SpeechRetainedAudioOptions = SpeechRecoContext.RetainedAudio


The owning object.
Set: A SpeechRetainedAudioOptions constant that sets the property.
Get: A SpeechRetainedAudioOptions constant that gets the property.


See ISpeechRecoContext.CreateResultFromMemory for an example.

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