ISpeechPhraseInfo Interface (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


The ISpeechPhraseInfo automation interface contains properties detailing phrase elements. This includes information about the audio streams, start and stop times for the audio, and elements contained in the phrase.

Automation Interface Elements

The ISpeechPhraseInfo automation interface contains the following elements:

AudioSizeBytes PropertyReturns the size of audio data in bytes for this phrase.
AudioSizeTime PropertyReturns the length of phrase's audio in 100-nanosecond units.
AudioStreamPosition PropertyReturns the start time in the audio stream for the phrase.
Elements PropertyReturns information about the elements of the phrase.
EngineId PropertyReturns a string containing the GUID of the engine recognizing this phrase.
EnginePrivateData PropertyReturns the private data of the engine.
GrammarId PropertyReturns the ID of the grammar that contains the top-level rule used to recognize the phrase.
LanguageId PropertyReturns the language ID for the phrase elements.
Properties PropertyReturns the root property for the result.
Replacements PropertyReturns possible text replacements.
RetainedSizeBytes PropertyReturns the size in bytes of the retained audio data for the audio format specified.
Rule PropertyRetrieves information about the top-level rule that was used to recognize the phrase.
StartTime PropertyReturns the start time for start of phrase audio in absolute time.
GetDisplayAttributes MethodReturns the display attribute for the text.
GetText MethodReturns the text from a recognition as a single string.
SaveToMemory MethodSaves the entire recognition result to memory.