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ISpeechPhraseElement RetainedStreamOffset Property (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3

Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Interface: ISpeechPhraseElement

RetainedStreamOffset Property

The RetainedStreamOffset property returns the starting offset of the element, in bytes, relative to the start of the phrase in the retained audio stream.

If the current RecoContext is retaining audio, the value of RetainedStreamOffset will be equal to the value of AudioStreamOffset. If the current RecoContext is not retaining audio, RetainedStreamOffset will be zero.


Set: (This property is read-only)
Get: Long = ISpeechPhraseElement.RetainedStreamOffset


The owning object.
Set: (This property is read-only)
Get: A Long variable that gets the value of the property.


Use of the ISpeechPhraseElement is demonstrated in a code example at the end of this section.

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