SpeechRecognizerState (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

SpeechRecognizerState Enum

The SpeechRecognizerState enumeration lists the states of a Recognizer object.


Enum SpeechRecognizerState
    SRSInactive = 0
    SRSActive = 1
    SRSActiveAlways = 2
    SRSInactiveWithPurge = 3
End Enum


The engine and audio input are inactive and no audio is being read, even if there are rules active. The audio device will be closed in this state.
Recognition takes place if there are any active rules. If a rule is active, audio will be read and passed to the SR engine and recognition will take place.
Indicates the audio is running regardless of the rule state. Even if there are no active rules, audio will still be read and passed to the engine.
Indicates the engine state is set to inactive and all active audio data is purged. This state is used when an application wishes to shut an engine down as quickly as possible, without waiting for it to finish processing any audio data that is currently buffered.