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SpeechInterference (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

SpeechInterference Enum

The SpeechInterference enumeration lists possible causes of interference or poor recognition with the input audio stream.


Enum SpeechInterference
    SINone = 0
    SINoise = 1
    SINoSignal = 2
    SITooLoud = 3
    SITooQuiet = 4
    SITooFast = 5
    SITooSlow = 6
End Enum


Private. Do not use.
The sound received is interpreted by the speech recognition engine as noise. This event is generated when there is a SOUND_START followed by a SOUND_END without an intervening PHRASE_START. The event will be also generated during dictation if, after a series of hypotheses, it is determined that the signal is noise.
A sound is received but it is of a constant intensity. This also includes the microphone being unplugged or muted.
A sound is received but the stream intensity is too high for discrete recognition.
A sound is received but the stream intensity is too low for discrete recognition.
The words are spoken too quickly for discrete recognition.
The words are spoken too slowly and indicates excessive time between words.
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