SpeechGrammarWordType (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

SpeechGrammarWordType Enum

The SpeechGrammarWordType enumeration lists the types of words in a grammar.


Enum SpeechGrammarWordType
    SGDisplay = 0
    SGLexical = 1
    SGPronounciation = 2
    SGLexicalNoSpecialChars = 3
End Enum


Each word to be added is in display form. That is, it possibly will have to be converted into lexical form(s). For example, the word "23" (display form) would have to converted into "twenty three" (lexical form). This is currently not implemented.
Each word to be added is in lexical form and can be used to access the lexicon. This type is specified in the speech text grammar format as <GRAMMAR WORDTYPE="LEXICAL">.
Each word is specified solely by its pronunciation. This is currently not implemented.
Switches off the handling of special characters in the grammar. For example "*" normally means dictation and "?" means wildcard, but this flag means that "*" means asterisk, and "?" means ellipsis.