Automation Enumerations (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Automation Enumerations

The Automation Enumerations specify the possible values for many of the types of data used in speech automation.

Automation Enumerations

The automation enumerations include the following:

SpeechAudioFormatTypeLists the supported stream formats.
SpeechAudioStateSets the audio input or output state to one of four possible states.
SpeechBookmarkOptionsSpecifies whether or not the bookmark will pause a speech recognition(SR) engine.
SpeechDataKeyLocationSpecifies the top-level speech configuration database keys.
SpeechDiscardTypeIndicates portions of a recognition result to be removed or eliminated once they are no longer needed.
SpeechDisplayAttributesSpecifies information about the display of a word.
SpeechEmulationCompareFlagsSpecifies information about the display of a word.
SpeechFormatTypeUsed to request either the input format for the original audio source, or the format actually arriving at the speech engine.
SpeechGrammarRuleStateTransitionTypeLists the types of transitions for the speech recognition engine.
SpeechGrammarStateDefines the possible states of a speech grammar.
SpeechGrammarWordTypeSpecifies the type of the word(s) to be added to a grammar.
SpeechInterferenceLists possible causes of interference or poor recognition with the input stream.
SpeechLexiconTypeSpecifies the allowed lexicon types.
SpeechLoadOptionindicates how a speech grammar is loaded.
SpeechPartOfSpeechDefines the parts-of-speech categories used in SAPI.
SpeechRecoContextStateProvides lists levels of control for setting and restoring recognition states for each recognition context.
SpeechRecoEventsLists the event interests for the recognition context.
SpeechRecognitionTypeSpecifies the state of the SR engine.
SpeechRecognizerStateEnumerates the states of a Recognizer object.
SpeechRetainedAudioOptionsIndicates the options for an audio stream.
SpeechRuleAttributesLists attribute's information about grammar rules.
SpeechRuleStateDefines the states of a speech grammar rule.
SpeechRunStateLists the voice running state.
SpeechSpecialTransitionTypeLists special transitions for the speech recognition engine.
SpeechStreamFileModeSpecifies the file opening states.
SpeechStreamSeekPositionTypeLists the methods to seek a location within a stream.
SpeechTokenContextLists the context in which the code managing the newly created object runs.
SpeechTokenShellFolderLists possible locations storing token information.
SpeechVisemeFeatureContains constants specifying features of phonemes and visemes.
SpeechVisemeTypeContains constants for each of the visemes supported by the SpVoice object.
SpeechVoiceEventsEnumerates the types of events which the SpVoice object can raise.
SpeechVoicePriorityEnumerates the possible Priority settings of an SpVoice object.
SpeechVoiceSpeakFlagsContains flags that control the SpVoice.Speak method.
SpeechWordPronounceableDefines the set of return values from the IsPronounceable method of the SpRecoGrammar object.
SpeechWordTypeSpecifies the change state of a word/pronunciation combination in a lexicon.