Simple Telephony (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Simple Telephony


Simple Telephony is a speech recognition (SR) and text-to-speech (TTS) engine that uses telephony (TAPI) interfaces. It is intended for use with a phone system, allowing you to dial in and talk to Simple Telephony.

Using Simple Telephony

The functionality of Simple Telephony is very similar to the SDK sample, TalkBack. When prompted, you may speak a word, phrase, or a short sentence and Simple Telephony will attempt recognition. It then speaks the result using a synthesized voice. It will also play back your recorded voice so that you can confirm the accuracy of the recognition. Please see the TalkBack User's Guide for more information.

Setting up Simple Telephony

Simple Telephony has two requirements. First, it runs only on the Windows 2000 operating system. Second, you must have a modem, since it is a telephony application. There is no restriction on the type or speed of modem, although it must be properly connected and able to process data. Follow the instructions provided by the modem manufacturer for specific loading and installation details.

Using Simple Telephony

The application's interface is simple. The phone line or connection displays the status. Commonly it will display "Waiting for a call..." or "Answering..." or "Connected." Several error messages may also be displayed.

Simple Telephony will not automatically open if a phone call is made to it. It must be already running prior to answering calls. If Auto Answer is selected, Simple Telephony will pick up the call; otherwise, you must click the Answer button. Simple Telephony will greet you and ask you to speak something. After the recognition and subsequent playbacks, the call will automatically terminate. Only one recognition is allowed per session.


Auto Answer

Directs Simple Telephony to automatically answer incoming calls. Select this to have calls picked up on the second ring. If Auto Answer is not selected, you must click Answer to answer all calls manually.


Answers incoming calls manually. If the Auto Answer feature is not selected, you must click Answer to answer all calls manually.


Quits Simple Telephony. Any current call is disconnected and the application exits cleanly.