Simple Dictation for Visual Basic (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3

Microsoft Speech API 5.3

Simple Dictation for Visual Basic


Simple Dictation is an elementary application showcasing speech recognition (SR). Specifically, it uses a dictation model, so you can speak anything and Simple Dictation attempts to recognize it. Using Simple Dictation, speak into a microphone and following successful speech recognition, the text appears on the screen.


Simple Dictation has two controls: Start and Stop.


Click Start to start dictation. Once the SR engine is on, any recognized speech is displayed on the screen.


Click Stop to end dictation. The SR engine will stop and no further speech recognition takes place.


Click the close box in the title bar to exit Simple Dictation.


Simple Dictation is a standard Visual Basic application and does not require special support. However, the Speech reference must be active; see Creating a Speech-Enabled Visual Basic Project in Using the Visual Basic Code Examples for details on how to speech enable Visual Basic applications. Additionally, the samples are installed as Locked files. To modify them, they must be unlocked. To unlock, right-click the file or files, select Properties, and clear the Read-Only check box.

Programming Notes

If Simple Dictation is run from the Visual Basic development environment, the debugger's Immediate window displays information not available from the executable version. See the code for exact details.