Property group: Rowset


Column? N


Typical R/W: R/W

Description: Client Cursor

DBPROP_CLIENTCURSOR requires a provider to materialize a cursor-capable rowset on the client. This property overrides other rowset properties used to determine where to materialize a cursor. Providers may support this property if they offer client cursor capability. The Client Cursor Engine, an OLE DB service component that provides scrolling and find support over OLE DB rowsets, implements DBPROP_CLIENTCURSOR.

Use of this property by a consumer implies knowledge of the cursor engine and its functionality. Otherwise, the consumer should request the properties it wants, state its preference for cursor location (using DBPROP_SERVERCURSOR), and proceed.

  • If the value of this property is set to VARIANT_TRUE, the service components will ignore the setting of DBPROP_SERVERCURSOR. The service components request a forward-only rowset from the provider, which is then used to populate a client-side cursor.

  • If the value of this property is not set to VARIANT_TRUE, the service components determine cursor location according to DBPROP_SERVERCURSOR, any properties that require cursor functionality, and the capabilities of the provider. See DBPROP_SERVERCURSOR for more information.

Providers should never see this property and should return an error if asked.