ISpSREngineSite::DataAvailable (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


ISpSREngineSite::DataAvailable retrieves the amount of data that can be read using ISpSREngineSite::Read without blocking.

This method can only be called while the SR engine is inside a ISpSREngine::RecognizeStream call, although it can be called on any thread.

HRESULT DataAvailable(
   ULONG   *pcb


[out] The amount, in bytes, of data available. For real-time audio streams this is the actual amount of data currently available. For non real-time streams this method will always return the value INFINITE. Using the fRealTimeAudio parameter on the RecognizeStream method, engines can determine whether this is a real-time stream.

Return values

S_OKFunction completed successfully.
E_POINTERpcb is a bad write pointer.
SPERR_STREAM_NOT_ACTIVEMethod called when engine is not inside RecognizeStream call.
FAILED(hr)Other appropriate error message.