ISpSREngineSite (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


The interface ISpEngineSite is implemented by SAPI and is called by the SR engine. It is used by the SR engine to get audio data, retrieve grammar information, send event events, and return recognition information to SAPI.

Full details on how an SR engine interacts with SAPI and how it should call the methods on this interface are given in the "SR Engine Guide" in the white papers section of the Help files.

Implemented By
  • SAPI. Applications or engines do not implement this method.
Created By
  • SAPI. The SR engine obtains a pointer to this interface when the ISpSREngine::SetSite is called, after SAPI creates the SR engine.


Methods in Vtable Order

ISpSREngineSite MethodsDescription
ReadReads audio data from the input stream.
DataAvailableRetrieves the amount of data that can be read using ISpSREngineSite::Read without blocking.
SetBufferNotifySizeSets the amount of data to be available before data available event is set.
ParseFromTransitionsProduces an ISpPhraseBuilder result from a list of transitions.
RecognitionReturns a recognition result (final, partial, or false) to SAPI.
AddEventSends an event back from the engine to applications.
SynchronizeInforms SAPI that the engine is ready to process changes in its grammars.
GetWordInfoRetrieves information about a word in a CFG grammar.
SetWordClientContextSets an engine-defined pointer on a CFG word.
GetRuleInfoRetrieves information about a CFG rule.
SetRuleClientContextSets an engine-defined pointer on a CFG rule.
GetStateInfoRetrieves information on the transitions from a CFG state.
GetResourceRetrieves a named resource from a grammar.
GetTransitionPropertyRetrieves semantic property information for a transition in a grammar.
IsAlternateDetermines whether one rule is a valid alternate of another.
GetMaxAlternatesReturns the maximum number of alternates that should be generated for the specified rule.
GetContextMaxAlternatesReturns the maximum number of alternates that should be generated for the specified recognition context.
UpdateRecoPosInforms SAPI of the current position of the recognizer in the stream to SAPI.