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ISpResourceManager (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


The ISpResourceManager interface provides access to the shared resources between different speech components in the same process. The object CLSID_SpResourecManager is a COM singleton. That is, the same resource manager will be shared by all clients in a single process that uses CoCreateInstance to create the object with CLSID_SpResourceManager. This allows for a common point of control for sharing other COM objects.

Applications and engines do not need to use or implement this interface.

This interface inherits from IServiceProvider. The IServiceProvider interface supports a single method, QueryService, which provides access to objects in the resource manager.

Associated Class IDs

The following class IDs (CLSID) may be used with this interface. A complete CLSID listing for all interfaces is in the Class IDs section.


Methods in Vtable Order

ISpResourceManager MethodsDescription
SetObjectAdds a service object to the current service list.
GetObjectRetrieves a service object from the current service list, or creates one if it does not exist.
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