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ISpRecoResult::GetAudio (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


ISpRecoResult::GetAudio creates an audio stream of the requested words from the audio data in the result object.

   ULONG              ulStartElement,
   ULONG              cElements,
   ISpStreamFormat  **ppStream


[in] Value specifying from which element in the result data to start the audio stream.
[in] Value specifying the total number of words.
[out] Address that will receive a pointer to an ISpStreamFormat object containing the audio data requested.

Return values

S_OKFunction completed successfully.
E_INVALIDARGcElements is zero or the expected number of elements to count exceeds the number available.
E_POINTERppStream is an invalid pointer.
SPERR_NO_AUDIO_DATAThis result object does not have any audio data.
FAILED(hr)Appropriate error message.


Even if there are no elements, that is, ulStartElement = 0 and cElements = 0, the audio will still be played. There are "unrecognized" results that have no elements but have audio.

An application can find the time offsets for each element by examining the SPPHRASE object retrieved using ISpRecoResult::GetPhrase.


The following code snippet illustrates the use ISpRecoResult::GetAudio to retrieve the retained audio.

// Declare local identifiers:
HRESULT                       hr = S_OK;
CComPtr<ISpRecoResult>        cpRecoResult;
CComPtr<ISpStreamFormat>      cpStreamFormat;
GUID                          formatId;
WAVEFORMATEX                  *pWaveFormatEx;

// ... Obtain a recognition result object from the recognizer ...
hr = cpRecoResult->GetAudio(0, 0, &cpStreamFormat;);

if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
   // Check the format of the stream.
   hr = cpStreamFormat->GetFormat(&formatId;, &pWaveFormatEx;);

if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
   // Do stuff here.
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