ISpObjectTokenCategory::GetDefaultTokenId (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


ISpObjectTokenCategory::GetDefaultTokenId retrieves the default token ID for the category.

HRESULT GetDefaultTokenId(
   LPWSTR   **ppszCoMemTokenId


[in] The null-terminated string name of the token ID used as the default. Must be released with CoMemTaskFree () when no longer needed.

Return values

S_OKFunction completed successfully.
SPERR_UNINITIALIZEDData key interface is not initialized.
E_POINTERppszCoMemTokenId is invalid or bad.
FAILED(hr)Appropriate error message.


There is a hierarchy for returning a default token ID value. A default token has an attribute marked as DefaultTokenID. When a token is not explicitly marked as such, SAPI attempts to return the default from the user profile. If none exists there, SAPI returns a specially named token called DefaultdefaultTokenID for the category ID. Default tokens are discussed in Object Tokens and Registry Settings White Paper.