QuikTest Test Module

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To obtain the conformance tests, you must install the standalone MDAC 2.8 SP1 SDK. The conformance tests are not included with Windows DAC in Windows Vista.

The QuikTest Test Module is a simple conformance test of minimum requirements for all OLE DB providers. It is included with the MDAC SDK and can be used with the Local Test Manager (LTM) testing tool.

LTM is installed with the DefaultSuite test suite, which includes QuikTest. You can run QuikTest from LTM as you would any conformance test.

QuikTest produces a useful overview of OLE DB provider functionality but does not test providers thoroughly. The QuikTest Test Module tests specific levels of provider functionality, the least of which is named Level 0.

For example, run QuikTest against a provider that supports only Level 0 functionality. QuikTest will pass the provider on the Level 0 tests and ignore the results of the higher level tests.

For more information about conformance testing, see Introduction to Conformance Testing.

For more information about LTM, see Local Test Manager.