ISpNotifyTranslator::InitWin32Event (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


ISpNotifyTranslator::InitWin32Event sets up a Win32 event object to be used by this instance.

HRESULT InitWin32Event(
    HANDLE   hEvent,
    BOOL     fCloseHandleOnRelease


Handle of an existing Win32 event object for the application to use with ISpNotifyTranslator. If this parameter is NULL, a new event will be created.
Specifies whether the hEvent handle should be closed when the object is released. If hEvent is NULL, this parameter is ignored and the handle will always be closed upon release of the object.

Return values

S_OKFunction completed successfully.
SPERR_ALREADY_INITIALIZEDInterface is already initialized.
FAILED(hr)Appropriate error message.


The translator will call the Win32 method ::SetEvent() whenever the translator's Notify() method is called.

Initialize an event object for this instance, and then use either the WaitForNotifyEvent or GetNotfyEventHandle method. Win32 event objects and SAPI events are different. This method is similar to ISpNotifySource::SetNotifyWin32Event.