ISpNotifyTranslator (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


Once the SpNotifyTranslator object has been initialized, the ISpNotifySource::SetNotifySink method can be called, passing the translator object interface as the parameter. The translator will then convert the call to ISpNotifySink::Notify into the appropriate notification.

Because ISpNotifySource supports most of the functionality of this interface, application writers will not normally use either this interface or the SpNotifyTranslator object. In fact, SAPI uses this object to implement the various methods of ISpNotifySource. The method InitWin32Event supports the ability to initialize the translator with a specific event object, and so could be used for that purpose.

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Methods in Vtable Order

ISpNotifyTranslator MethodsDescription
ISpNotifySink interfaceInherits from ISpNotifySink and those methods are accessible from an ISpNotifyTranslator object.
InitWindowMessageSets up the instance to send window messages to a specified window.
InitCallbackSets up this instance to send notifications using a standard C-style callback function.
InitSpNotifyCallback Enables an object derived from ISpNotifyCallback to receive notifications.
InitWin32EventSets up a Win32 event object to be used by this instance.
WaitA blocking call that returns when a SAPI notification has fired and the associated Win32 event object has been signaled or a timeout has passed.
GetEventHandleReturns the Win32 event handle associated with the translator.