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ISpDataKey (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


The ISpDataKey interface provides a mechanism for storing and retrieving string and other data. ISpDataKey is used in conjunction with object tokens, which implement ISpObjectToken, which inherits from ISpDataKey. For example, data can be stored in an object token representing a recognizer or TTS engine using this interface.

Implemented By
  • SpObjectToken object. This is the standard class used for all existing SAPI object tokens. The data for each object token is stored in the registry.
  • SpDataKey object. This class stores the data associated with the data key in the registry.
  • Applications or engines can implement this interface directly if they wish to provide a custom data key implementation.

Methods in Vtable Order

ISpDataKey MethodsDescription
SetDataSets the binary data for a token.
GetDataRetrieves the binary data for a token.
SetStringValueSets the string value information for a specified token.
GetStringValueRetrieves the string value information from a specified token.
SetDWORDSets the value information for a specified token.
GetDWORDRetrieves the value information from a specified token.
OpenKeyOpens a specified token subkey.
CreateKeyCreates a new token subkey.
DeleteKeyDeletes a specified token key and all its descendants.
DeleteValueDeletes a named value from the specified token.
EnumKeysEnumerates the subkeys of the specified token.
EnumValuesEnumerates the values of the specified token.
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