ISpCFGInterpreter (SAPI 5.3)

Speech API 5.3
Microsoft Speech API 5.3


ISpCFGInterpreter interface supports loading compiled grammars and modifying semantic properties and text replacements.

When to use

The ISpCFGInterpreter interface does not need to be directly called by applications or speech recognition (SR) engines. SAPI will create the interpreter and call the appropriate methods as needed. See the individual methods for scenarios when the methods will be called.

When to implement

The ISpCFGInterpreter interface should be implemented by applications and SR engine vendors who need to either load compiled grammars from COM objects (e.g., distributed COM objects on a server), or when an application scenario requires that the semantic properties or display text be replaced with dynamic information.

For example, the context-free grammar (CFG) interpreter could be written to dynamically run code depending on the order and structure of the semantic properties in a recognized phrase, or it could replace the text "today" with the actual day of the week.

Methods in Vtable Order

ISpCFGInterpreter MethodsDescription
InitGrammarInitializes a grammar that is loaded from an object or DLL.
InterpretExamines a grammar and generates new properties and text replacements.