Feature Area Overviews 

If you are new or returning to Windows development, this collection of topics can help you search for products available for the Windows features you're interested in. These feature area topics link to the Windows technology content within the SDK that implement the features. Links for each Windows technology that implements a feature will be provided side by side.

You can use these feature mappings to decide how to get started, or to identify the managed code technology that best relates to a Win32 or COM solution.

In This Section

Explore the following:

  • Communication and Services: Computer communication transfers data from machine to machine. Whether streaming information between connected applications, providing and accessing web services, or managing the network itself, each are discussed in this section.

  • Data: Discusses options for organizing, sharing, searching, and accessing data in applications.

  • Fundamentals: Building application quality into the core of your application. Accessibility, reliability, deployment, management tools and security all fundamental to building quality applications.

  • Mobile PC Development: Explores a wide range of mobility features from mobile PCs to specific devices.

  • Presentation and User Interface (UI) Design: Explores user interaction from putting pixels on the screen to interpreting stylus gestures for ink. All manner of screen presentation and interface devices are discussed.

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