Rowsets in OLE DB for OLAP

The OLE DB rowset object is the central object that enables OLE DB components to expose and manipulate data. The rowset presents data as a set of rows in tabular form. Rowsets are used extensively by OLE DB for OLAP. The three following types of rowsets are returned:

  • Schema rowsets?These are used to return schema information.

  • Axis rowsets?These are used to return information about the axes of a dataset.

  • Range rowsets?Each cell in a dataset is modeled as a row, and the collection of cells that can be updated by the application is presented as a range rowset.

This means that an OLE DB for OLAP provider must implement the rowsetobject and all mandatory interfaces on that object. However, OLE DB for OLAP rowsets are usually much simpler than the typical OLE DB rowset. For example, they do not need to implement bookmarks or scrolling, and the axis rowsets and the schema rowsets need not implement updatability. Nothing prevents a provider from implementing a rowset with these optional additional features, but full implementation of all these features is not a requirement for compliance with OLE DB for OLAP.

For more information about rowsets in OLE DB, see Rowsets.

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