.NET Framework 3.0 Samples 

The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 samples span several technology areas and provide solutions using managed code in the Windows Vista operating system. Samples demonstrate the base class libraries provided by the .NET Framework and introduce the Windows Foundation Components for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, which provide managed classes and interfaces for Windows Vista presentation, communication, and workflow technologies.

Samples for a technology area are organized by Application Samples and Technology Samples. Application samples demonstrate complete programs that provide features or tools necessary to complete a task. Technology samples show how a technology works without necessarily completing a task.

Additionally, the samples in bulk by directly opening the sample .zip files located in %MSSDK%\Samples.

The sample topics contain options for viewing and copying sample source files and for downloading sample projects as zip files to your computer. Each sample topic contains at least one source code selection box that lists all the sample files. There is one box for each programming language provided by the sample. If you are viewing this documentation on the Web instead of in local Help, a link to download the sample is provided. Some technology areas provide additional information about downloading samples and applying sample settings.

The SDK also provides a way to access the samples in bulk by opening the sample .zip files located in %MSSDK%\Samples.

In This Section

.NET Framework Samples

Provides instructions for using the base class libraries of the .NET Framework, and samples of the several technologies that contribute to the Framework's library of managed classes and interfaces. Also includes the .NET Compact Framework.

Windows Presentation Foundation Samples

Provides instructions for using Windows Presentation Foundation objects to create Windows client applications with rich user interface features.

Windows Communication Foundation Samples

Provides instructions for using Windows Communication Foundation objects to create service-oriented applications that can integrate the Internet and various platforms.

Windows Workflow Foundation Samples

Provides instructions for using Windows Workflow Foundation objects to create workflow-enabled applications that cover a wide range of scenarios.

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