PrintCapabilities Document as a Snapshot of Properties

This topic is not current. For the most current information, see the Print Schema Specification.

The device described by the PrintCapabilities might have properties that depend on the state or configuration of the device. While the PrintCapabilities represents the full configuration space of a device, the PrintCapabilities provider produces a configuration-dependent instance of the PrintCapabilities called the PrintCapabilities document. This configuration-dependent PrintCapabilities document avoids burdening the PrintCapabilities Schema with the complexity of representing multivalued data. More importantly, to relieve a consumer of the PrintCapabilities document from the burden of extracting the appropriate value from a multivalued data representation, all Property and ScoredProperty instances in a PrintCapabilities document are required to be single-valued. In other words, each Property and ScoredProperty instance in a PrintCapabilities document must have a fixed Value, relative to the input configuration. Each PrintCapabilities document can be thought of as a snapshot of the properties of the device when the device is in a particular state. Consequently, before a PrintCapabilities document can be constructed, the configuration to be used must be provided.

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