ValidateCount Attribute Declaration


The ValidateCount attribute specifies the minimum and maximum number of arguments allowed for a cmdlet parameter.

[ValidateCount(int minLength, int maxlength)]

MinLength (Int32)

Required. Specifies the minimum number of arguments.


Required. Specifies the maximum number of arguments.

  • For more information about how to declare this attribute, see How to Declare Input Validation Rules.

  • When this attribute is not invoked, the corresponding cmdlet parameter can have any number of arguments.

  • The Windows PowerShell runtime throws an error under the following conditions:

    • The MinLength and MaxLength attribute parameters are not of type Int32.

    • The value of the MaxLength attribute parameter is less than the value of the MinLength attribute parameter.

  • The ValidateCount attribute is defined by the T:System.Management.Automation.ValidateCount class.

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