ValidateRange Attribute Declaration


The ValidateRange attribute specifies the minimum and maximum values (the range) for the cmdlet parameter argument. This attribute can also be used by Windows PowerShell functions.

[ValidateRange(object minRange, object maxRange)]

MinRange (Object)

Required. Specifies the minimum value allowed.

MaxRange (Object)

Required. Specifies the maximum value allowed.

  • The Windows PowerShell runtime throws a construction error when the value of the MinRange parameter is greater than the value of the MaxRange parameter.

  • The Windows PowerShell runtime throws a validation error under the following conditions:

    • When the value of the argument is less than the MinRange limit or greater than the MaxRange limit.

    • When the argument is not of the same type as the MinRange and the MaxRange parameters.

  • The ValidateRange attribute is defined by the ValidateRangeAttribute class.