Bookmark C Data Type


The bookmark C data type allows an application to retrieve a bookmark. The bookmark C types are used only to retrieve bookmark values that can be variable in length; they should not be converted to other data types. An application retrieves a bookmark either from column 0 of the result set with SQLBulkOperations (with an operation of SQL_ADD), SQLFetch, SQLFetchScroll, or SQLGetData. For more information, see Bookmarks.

The following table lists the value of CType for the bookmark C data type, the ODBC C data type that implements the bookmark C data type, and the definition of this data type from SQL.H.


The SQL_C_BOOKMARK data type has been deprecated. ODBC 3.x applications should not use SQL_C_BOOKMARK. ODBC 3.x drivers need to support SQL_C_BOOKMARK only if they want to work with ODBC 2.x applications that use it. The Driver Manager maps SQL_C_VARBOOKMARK to SQL_C_BOOKMARK when an application works with an ODBC 2.x driver.

C type identifier

ODBC C typedef

C type

SQL_C_BOOKMARK (Deprecated)


unsigned long int



unsigned char *