The waveOutGetPlaybackRate function retrieves the current playback rate for the specified waveform-audio output device.

MMRESULT waveOutGetPlaybackRate(
  HWAVEOUT hwo,    
  LPDWORD pdwRate  



Handle to the waveform-audio output device.


Pointer to a variable to be filled with the current playback rate. The playback rate setting is a multiplier indicating the current change in playback rate from the original authored setting. The playback rate multiplier must be a positive value.

The rate is specified as a fixed-point value. The high-order word of the variable contains the signed integer part of the number, and the low-order word contains the fractional part. A value of 0x8000 in the low-order word represents one-half, and 0x4000 represents one-quarter. For example, the value 0x00010000 specifies a multiplier of 1.0 (no playback rate change), and a value of 0x000F8000 specifies a multiplier of 15.5.

Return Values

Returns MMSYSERR_NOERROR if successful or an error otherwise. Possible error values include the following.

Value Description
MMSYSERR_INVALHANDLE Specified device handle is invalid.
MMSYSERR_NODRIVER No device driver is present.
MMSYSERR_NOMEM Unable to allocate or lock memory.
MMSYSERR_NOTSUPPORTED Function isn't supported.


Changing the playback rate does not change the sample rate but does change the playback time. Not all devices support playback rate changes. To determine whether a device supports playback rate changes, use the WAVECAPS_PLAYBACKRATE flag to test the dwSupport member of the WAVEOUTCAPS structure (filled by the waveOutGetDevCaps function).


  Windows NT/2000/XP: Included in Windows NT 3.1 and later.
  Windows 95/98/Me: Included in Windows 95 and later.
  Header: Declared in Mmsystem.h; include Windows.h.
  Library: Use Winmm.lib.

See Also

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