New Features for Oracle

The OLE DB Provider for Oracle is updated when it can benefit from enhancements to the OLE DB specification. This section contains a description of features recently added to this provider.

The OLE DB Provider for Oracle supports the OLE DB table statistics schema, which can be used to estimate the number and distribution of values in a query result. Implementation of this schema is defined by the OLE DB TABLE_STATISTICS schema rowset, the DBPROP_TABLESTATISTICS property, a new bit in the DBPROP_OPENROWSETSUPPORT property, and the new histogram rowset returned by IOpenRowset::OpenRowset.

The OLE DB Provider for Oracle supports multiple parameter sets when using ICommand::Execute, allowing you to overload the method.

Error information now contains the Oracle error number in the dwMinor field of the ERRORINFO structure. For more information about how error objects are returned, see How a Provider Returns an OLE DB Error Object in the OLE DB Programmer's Reference.