Appendix B: Schema Rowsets

Schema information in OLE DB is retrieved using predefined schema rowsets with IDBSchemaRowset::GetRowset. This appendix lists the contents of each schema rowset, including the GUID, the number of restriction columns, the names of the restriction columns, the default sort order, the column names, the data type indicators, and the column descriptions.

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Each schema rowset defined in OLE DB is identified by a GUID, which is defined in the OLE DB header file (oledb.h). OLE DB also defines the columns of each rowset and specifies the restriction columns for each rowset. The number of restricted columns in a schema rowset is defined as a constant prefixed with CRESTRICTIONS_ in the OLE DB header file.

As listed in the following table, OLE DB defines two types of schema rowsets: logical information and physical information schema rowsets. Logical information schema rowsets are a superset of information presented by the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views defined in ANSI SQL-92 (with the exception of the COLUMNS and the ROWSETS rowsets, which contain subsets of this information). Physical information schema rowsets represent the physical database structure, such as the file system. This metadata contains OLE DB extensions to the standard, and these extensions are not defined in ANSI SQL-92.

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