Property group: Data Source Information


Type: VT_I4

Typical R/W: R

Description: Output Parameter Availability

Indicates the time at which output parameter values become available. One of the following:

  • DBPROPVAL_OA_NOTSUPPORTED ? Output parameters are not supported.

  • DBPROPVAL_OA_ATEXECUTE ? Output parameter data is available immediately after ICommand::Execute returns.

  • DBPROPVAL_OA_ATROWRELEASE ? If a command returns a single result that is a rowset, output parameter data is available at the time the rowset is completely released. If a command returns multiple results, output parameter data is available when IMultipleResults::GetResult returns DB_S_NORESULT or the multiple results object is completely released, whichever occurs first. Before the output parameter data is available, the consumer's bound memory is in an indeterminate state. For more information about multiple results, see Multiple Results.