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Outer Join Escape Sequence

Outer Join Escape Sequence


ODBC uses escape sequences for outer joins. The syntax of this escape sequence is as follows:

{oj outer-join}

In BNF notation, the syntax is as follows:

ODBC-outer-join-escape ::=

     ODBC-esc-initiator oj outer-join ODBC-esc-terminator

outer-join ::= table-name [correlation-name] {LEFT | RIGHT | FULL}

     OUTER JOIN{table-name [correlation-name] | outer-join} ON



correlation-name ::= user-defined-name

ODBC-esc-initiator ::= {

ODBC-esc-terminator ::= }

To determine which parts of this statement are supported, an application calls SQLGetInfo with the SQL_OJ_CAPABILITIES information type. For outer joins, search-condition must contain only the join condition between the specified table-names.

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