Standards and Interoperability

Standards and Interoperability

Windows® NetMeeting® features support for industry standards set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and other standards organizations.

Standards allow products from different vendors to communicate. The broad industry support for the standards used by NetMeeting (more than 60 leading vendors have announced products and services that work with and enhance use of NetMeeting) lets you connect to and communicate with products from different vendors just as people using different brands and models of telephones can communicate.

Among the standards NetMeeting supports are the ITU H.323 standard for audio and video conferencing, the ITU T.120 standard for multipoint data conferencing, and the IETF LDAP standard for directory services. Overview information for these standards is provided in the following sections. For those seeking greater detail, links to conferencing standards organizations are also provided.

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