NetShell Root Context

The NetShell root context is the starting point for NetShell. All top-level contexts in NetShell originate as immediate children of the root context. The following example shows how to view the NetShell root context from a command prompt:

c:\> netsh

The command prompt in the NetShell shell reflects the location in the context tree, as the following example shows:

netsh> ras
netsh ras>

In this example, the prompt is in the ras context. Many contexts have subcontexts, which present sub-areas of a given context to further group administrative tasks associated with an area of networking functionality. For example, the ras context has ip and ipx subcontexts. These subcontexts are reached from the command prompt in a similar fashion to primary contexts, as the following shows:

netsh> ras
netsh ras> ip
netsh ras ip>

NetShell presents contexts similarly to how DNS segregates areas of the Internet based on domains: is a domain, and is its subdomain.



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