About Network Monitor 2.1

Network Monitor is a component of Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) used to detect and troubleshoot problems on LANs, WANs, and serial links running Microsoft Remote Access Server (RAS). Network Monitor provides post-capture network data analysis.

In post-capture analysis, network traffic is saved in a proprietary capture file, so that the captured data can be analyzed later. In this case, analysis can be in the form of protocol parsers picking out specific network frame types and displaying the frame data in the Network Monitor UI; or analysis can be in the form of experts examining the network data and displaying a report (experts may also manipulate the network data).

Network Monitor provides the following types of functionality:

  • Captures network data in real-time or delayed mode.
  • Provides filtering capabilities when capturing data.
  • Uses experts and parsers for detailed post-capture analysis.

For more information about Network Monitor features, see: