The AVIStreamOpenFromFile function opens a single stream from a file.

STDAPI AVIStreamOpenFromFile(
  PAVISTREAM * ppavi,    
  LPCTSTR szFile,        
  DWORD fccType,         
  LONG lParam,           
  UINT mode,             
  CLSID * pclsidHandler  



Pointer to a buffer that receives the new stream handle.


Null-terminated string containing the name of the file to open.


Four-character code indicating the type of stream to be opened. Zero indicates that any stream can be opened. The following definitions apply to the data commonly found in AVI streams:

Value Description
streamtypeAUDIO Indicates an audio stream.
streamtypeMIDI Indicates a MIDI stream.
streamtypeTEXT Indicates a text stream.
streamtypeVIDEO Indicates a video stream.


Stream of the type specified in fccType to access. This parameter is zero-based; use zero to specify the first occurrence.


Access mode to use when opening the file. This function can open only existing streams, so the OF_CREATE mode flag cannot be used. For more information about the available flags for the mode parameter, see the OpenFile function.


Pointer to a class identifier of the handler you want to use. If the value is NULL, the system chooses one from the registry based on the file extension or the file RIFF type.

Return Values

Returns zero if successful or an error otherwise.


This function calls the AVIFileOpen, AVIFileGetStream, and AVIFileRelease functions.


  Windows NT/2000/XP: Included in Windows NT 3.1 and later.
  Windows 95/98/Me: Included in Windows 95 and later.
  Header: Declared in Vfw.h.
  Library: Use Vfw32.lib.
  Unicode: Implemented as Unicode and ANSI versions on Windows NT/2000/XP.

See Also

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