Connector Application Responsibilities

Connector Application Responsibilities


The Message Queuing server connecting the two messaging systems should be transparent to the applications running on other Message Queuing computers. The connector application running on the server must be able to:

  • Handle message property translation between the two messaging systems.

  • Forward translated messages to their appropriate destination queue.

  • Handle the time-to-be-received timer. The time-to-reach-queue timer stops when the message reaches the applicable connector queue.

  • Handle the acknowledgment level of messages. The connector application must return the appropriate acknowledgment messages to the appropriate administration queue specified by the sending application.

  • Create acknowledgment message when needed. The connector application must set the PROPID_M_CLASS and PROPID_M_CONNECTOR_TYPE properties when it sends the acknowledgment back to the administration queue.

  • Complete any pending transaction status for transactional messages. For information on transactions with foreign queues, see Using Connector Services in a Transaction.

  • Handle security issues appropriately. See Connector Application Security for information on handling encrypted messages and authenticating messages.

The MSMQ-MQSeries Bridge provided with Microsoft® Host Integration Server 2000, which is a full-service connector application for exchanging messages with an IBM MQSeries system, performs these and other tasks.

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