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Conflicts Between Application Gestures and Characters and Symbols

Conflicts Between Application Gestures and Characters and Symbols

Some application gestures may conflict with characters, combinations of characters, symbols, combinations of characters and symbols or whole words written in a single stroke. Most of these conflicts are avoided by having a detailed understanding of the context in which the application gesture is performed.

For example, to distinguish a right gesture from a dash (-) or an underscore (_), an application may filter for how close the gesture is to neighboring characters, the relative size as compared to characters, or other information contained in a packet. The timing of the application gesture may also be a determining factor in deciding between gestures and characters. There may be more of a pause before applying an application gesture than before inputting characters. Unless a user is performing a series of undo or backspace gestures, there may also be more of a pause after a gesture than a character.

The following topics detail these conflicts:



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